Perhaps every mother is her own kind of a creative genius.

“Just to give birth to a child is one thing – to be a mother is totally different. Any woman can give birth to a child; that’s a very simple phenomenon. But to be a mother needs great art, needs great under-standing.

You are creating a human being – that is the greatest creation!” – OSHO

Maker Mamas is a collaborative art project, brought into being by Danila Rumold, painter, Lucy Miller Robinson, writer, and Jacquelyn Richey Krieger, maker of many. Our intention is to make the unseen work of Motherhood and Women Artists visible. Our vision is explore the intersections of art, poetry and motherhood.

The idea for this project came out of an initial CO-OP childcare share we started in San Francisco to give one another more time to do our work. But we quickly discovered we needed something beyond time; we needed a collective of mothers who supported one another as artists, a coterie of kindred spirits coming together to create, as well as raise our babies.

Thus came into being the Maker Mamas. Learn more about us here, connect with us on our Facebook community, follow us on Twitter and please freely make submissions for visual art and poetry and prose.