“Life Begins at Conception: a Mother’s View on Abortion.”

I met Jen a year ago when she joined Maker Mamas a group I organized for Mother’s who make art. She has come frequently bringing her work to share with the group and participate in discussions about art and motherhood. It wasn’t until I began posting about this current project, that I learned from Jen that she had pro-life views and volunteered to share them with me.

Yesterday we took a walk around the 2-mile golf course trail. To start the conversation I asked Jen when she first became aware of Pro-life issues and when it was that she began to embrace them. Jen explained that in college she identified as anti-Statist (the belief that individuals have sovereignty over and above the state). But it wasn’t until she married her husband, who is Catholic, that her pro-life position immersed. Jen told me that her husband Michael, is the chairman of the board at Project Defunding Life, who is an advocate for pro life causes. She explains the organization gives resources to low income woman in order to support them to see the pregnancy through. Jen tells me that in New Mexico abortion is permitted all the way through third trimester pregnancies, which is the reason why it is the State with the highest rate of abortion. I then ask if she believes in abortion within an earlier stage of pregnancy and she clarifies that life begins at conception.

As we turn the corner on the path, we pause and I ask if abortion is also not permissible in the case of rape or incest and she confirms my question with a yes. She explains further she has known children of rape who have thanked their mothers for their lives. Jenn also mentions there are other options to abortion, such as adoption- since there are also many couples who cannot conceive. I also ask if this position remains in the case of a woman’s life being at risk and she explains that one would always choose life and that the ideal would be to save both, while not directly doing any harm to the embryo or, fetus. She follows up by saying that that scenario has a very low chance in which a decision like that would have to be made.

I ask if she is anti birth control and she explains that the Catholic Church is and that her belief is that birth control is anti-woman, specifically chemical birth controls. Jen tells me birth control is the cause for the high rate of women developing Cancer. She also mentions that it doesn’t often work. As an alternative Jen says women should be responsible to know their bodies and how it works. She reiterates the importance of that involving how to educate people on it because it entails a high level of science to use it. Jen adds that it is also the woman’s responsibility to conceive in wedlock. She continues to say that it is the leftist agenda that puts, “sex before life.” When I asked for further clarification on this point Jen said,  Liberals foreground promiscuity over responsibility to giving life- and that it is all too easy to abort when fears of raising a child arise.

In response to Jen’s comment on a Democratic agenda I asked how she would identify herself politically and she paused and then mentioned a survey she once took that she felt described her views pretty well which was Libertarianist- With Right Wing Ethics. She mentioned how different this is from her parents who are classical Democratic’s. I asked who she voted for and she said she didn’t vote because she doesn’t align herself with any of the parties or candidates. She added with certainty that Hilary Clinton would not have been an option. I asked why and she said because Hilary supports Planned Parenthood and Abortion all the way through third trimester abortions.

Since Planned Parenthood came up, Jen mentioned that the organization historically has been organized for the termination of the black undesirables. She continues to explain they promote that agenda by locating themselves centrally in low income communities. It was here that I had to ask how one could conceive that a group of people would want to intentionally terminate their own culture. Jen identifies that this is a historic fact that it is explained by Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger. To understand this more I went online and under Susan B. Anthony’s List, I saw what Jen was referring to. The explanation is posted as the 11th reason why Planned Parenthood should be defunded:

Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, was a strong believer in eugenics. Following is just a sampling of her documented beliefs. “In this matter, the example of the inferior classes, the fertility of the feeble-minded, the mentally defective, the poverty-stricken classes, should not be held up for emulation…”[xix] Referring to immigrants and Catholics, she wrote: “[They’re] an unceasingly spawning class of human beings who never should have been born at all.”[xx] She also wrote, “The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”[xxi] Planned Parenthood is carrying on her legacy today, centering itself on population control efforts. In a recently filed tax return, Planned Parenthood stated as part of their mission statement that they are committed to “a U.S. population of stable size in an optimum environment.”[xxii]

After hearing her speak about the history behind Planned Parenthood, I followed up by saying that throughout time ideologies change and did she believe that Planned Parenthood still existed today in our contemporary society as a means to eliminate the black “undesirables” and she said, “absolutely.”

I also asked Jen if she could tell me her view on the current administrations view on the “defund bill,” of Planned Parenthood and she responded by saying, “why should my tax dollars be used to kill babies.” She followed up by saying she goes to a community clinic, where they offer a range of woman’s health coverage whereas Planned Parenthood only has a small pool of services they offer. When I mentioned that people say that these community centers will not be able to handle the overflow, Jen contests that point with saying that simply wasn’t true.

As we came onto the topic of low income communities, Jen brought up that Welfare was the new plantation, which was created to keep people stuck because the transition from getting subsidized (which includes a number of support systems they get from the government in a package) to being cut off is such a small increment that it pulls the blanket out from under people so quickly that they hold onto it in fear, rather than becoming financially independent, regardless of their motivation. I reiterated I could see that fear also given that people of color not only have to face how to survive on a minimum wage job, but they also are up against racist institutional structures which hold them back from being fully participating citizens.

As we came close to the end of our walk It seemed the right moment to ask what her stand on immigration was. Ultimately Jen believes that people should be able to immigrate here, going through the right portals, but that illegal immigrants are contributing to the incline of welfare. She adds that maybe we should make it easier for people to come so that it would undo that problem. Jen adds, “I think that we need to slowly get rid of welfare all together and immigration problems would sort themselves out meaning that people would immigrate by their own means adopting the values that are instilled in American culture. What we have now is a total mess.”

However regarding Islam and Muslims, she did not feel welcoming of their anti Western ideologies. I asked Jen what she defined as Western ideologies and she explained she meant Christian values such as freedom of the individual and family values. She spoke of the danger of the political ideologies which are “baked” into their religious scriptures. Some examples she offered were the degrading of women’s status and the sexualization of women. She sited the New Year’s Eve sexual assaults (perpetrated by “muslim” men) on women that happened in mass numbers in Cologne, Germany. She also added that it was the second generation of Muslims that were being raised in the United States that are the ones who are interpreting their texts and radicalizing it and performing the acts of terrorism here in North America i.e. Jihad.

The last question I asked Jen was, what did she see as the main difference between Liberals and Conservatives and she said that Democrats are always wanting to get into the “system” and mess with it, while Conservatives sit back and allow things to unfold as they should. With that we concluded our second lap around the two mile trail, which also brought us back full circle to her Pro Life views that life begins at conception.


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  1. Quite interesting to see the other side. Grateful to you Danila for being curious and non-judgmental and sharing this with us.


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