Maternal Matters Press Release

Maker Mamas Jacquelyn Krieger (Film), Lucy Robinson (Poet), Danila Rumold (Painter) exhibit, “Maternal Matters,” at the The Shop at Flywheel Press at 309 7th Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401.

Babies, boobs and breastfeeding we are mothers delving deeply into what it means to birth humans as well as artistic expression. Our intention is to make the unseen work of Motherhood and Women Artists visible. Our vision is explore the intersections of art, poetry and motherhood. Cameras, keyboards, and canvases are tools we use in the midst of nap, play, and dream time, Mothering our children and our creations.

Artist Jacquelyn Krieger originally from Texas, moved to LA where she lived for a decade before moving to San Francisco. Previous works Krieger has exhibited are Painted Warrior: Rites of Passage through the Chakras, and Yogi Girls of the World.

Writer Lucy Robinson, is a recent transplant from Seattle, WA where she was born and raised. Robinson published her work for a popular parenting magazine, was a contributing writer for the parenting channel from 2013-2014, she maintains her poetry and prose blog and also has a blog about Motherhood, mindfulness and creative living on

Painter, Danila Rumold was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. From 1998-2011 she lived in Seattle, WA, where she received her MFA from the University of Washington in 2001. Working professionally as an artist Rumold exhibits her work at IMA Gallery in Seattle, SFMOMA Gallery in SanFrancisco and Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, CA. Online she shows with UGallery, participates with BayVan artist registry and has work on her artist website.

For further information contact, or visit our Facebook page.


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